Treasure Hoards and how to find them by Edward Fletcher

Treasure Hoards and how to find them by Edward Fletcher

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Detectiespecialist sinds 1980

Gecertificeerd Minelab distributeur Benelux

Winkels in Hippolytushoef en Alphen aan den Rijn

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Schatvondsten en hoe je ze moet vinden….. (wat wil je nou nog meer weten). 110 pagina’s informatie

Buried treasure hoards worth more than £50,000,000 have come from Britain's soil since the metal detecting hobby burst to popularity in the 1970s. This remarkable book tells the fascinating stories of many of the most spectacular of those finds, including a single jewel worth more than a million... a boxful of gold work multi-millions... a set of early Christian silverware described as "priceless"... huge hoards of Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval gold and silver coinag... the rings, brooches, necklaces and other personal adornments of ancient kings... and hundreds of lesser hoards each worth several thousand pounds. 

It also reveals how a man dug his back garden and made a find that paid off his mortgage... how a child put his hand into a hollow tree and brought it our clutching a fistful of golden guineas... how a newcomer to the hobby whose wife scolded him for spending a few pounds on a metal detector came home with a sackful of Civil War coins... how a lady doing spring cleaning found a wad of banknotes... and how a detectorist located two bank security boxes containing £60,000 which the bank insisted had not been stolen! 

After whetting your appetite for treasure hunting with those and many other amazing stories, the book goes on to offer much valuable advice on where you might begin to search for the next £50 million in buried hoards, forgotten fortunes and lost jewels that are sure to be found during the next decades as metal detectors become more sophisticated and their users apply the information given in this book. Read it and you, too, will catch the treasure hunting bug..

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