EQUINOX Software Upgrade

Who said you could not improve on perfection... After the launch of EQUINOX, Minelab engineers have been working to make the most popular detector even better. Upgrade your EQUINOX today.

What is new?

We know how passionate you are about finding what is hidden below the surface. At Minelab, it is with our ‘never leave well enough alone’ mentality and ingenuity that we have worked tirelessly to make perfection just that much better. Using the Minelab Update Utility, experience Improved Silver Target Indication, Advanced Depth Gauge Indications and more.

  • Silver Target Indication
    IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved.
  • Depth Gauge Indications
    The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths.
  • General Updates
    General improvements to the user

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